Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sleepy Wednesday Commute

I have returned from my one-day business trip.

I took the P508 train in from Grafton. I totally slept on the train this morning. Oh, the train was on time. We arrived to Back Bay station at 8:14 a.m. and I got off to take the Orange Line to my office.

Keith sent in an article that I didn't see in yesterday's "Earth Day" edition of the Boston METRO. The MBTA is embarking on a number of green initiatives. Click here to check the article out.

Keith - thanks for sharing the article!

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AJ said...

Hey Train Rider-
Just wanted to throw an afternoon update in. I've been fortunate enough to ride the 506 routinely for a few months now. Service has been good, but our on-time performance is at about 33% for this week. Monday was fine, Tuesday we were a half hour late due to brush fires near the tracks in the Brighton area, and Wednesday we were stopped for close to 35 minutes waiting for a switch malfunction somewhere around the Newton area. Fun fun! At least with the brush fire, they told us immediately why we had stopped and how long it would be. Wednesday brought the same lack of communication I expect in that we sat for a good 15 minutes before someone finally said why we were stopped. The initial assessment was that we would be moving shortly, but it was another 20 or so minutes before we continued, all of which passed with no further updates. That's what bugs me most. If we stop, we stop. Just keep me informed, like you always promise you will!