Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boston Herald Letter to the Editor Gives the T an "F"

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in today's Boston Herald:
Thank you for exposing the fiasco of the Kenmore Busway project (April 19). The solid, fully-enclosed brick and concrete bus station, along with interior windbreaks and long-gone heaters, was needlessly destroyed on the pretext of making it handicap-accessible (as if you had to demolish it to add elevators).

This MBTA rider/transit activist has passed through here, and the lower level subway station, through years of construction and probably never has seen more than six to 10 workers. This has to be why construction is taking so long.

The MBTA has wasted taxpayer money and scarce transit funding to provide a far inferior station. How could the MBTA have been so inconsiderate of riders in its new station design, so wasteful of resources by demolishing a good station, and so inept at managing the construction process of this inadequate replacement?

Frederick J. Maloney,

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