Friday, April 18, 2008

Train Stopping Readers Share Information

Grafton Train Rider sent an email with the following:
Are you aware that the MBTA seeks volunteers for their Rider Oversight Committee? The link is posted at,_Events_and_Press_Releases/Call%20to%20Action%20Letter.pdf.

Riders should submit interest by 4/30/08. I am considering volunteering since I use a lot of their services (MBTA parking lot, commuter rail, bus, Green/Red Lines and occasional trips on Orange/Silver Lines).

Also, Fitchburg Train Rider shared the following about an article that appeared in today's Telegram & Gazette
"The governor also told city councilors at the meeting that he continues working on problems standing in the way of expanding commuter rail.

District 2 City Councilor Philip Palmieri told the governor it is vital “to every business and college” in the city.

Mr. Patrick said the administration had come up with cost estimates and ways to fund the expansion.

But CSX, which owns sections of the track that have to be upgraded to add commuter trains, demanded indemnity for liabilities from passenger rail accidents as a condition of expanded sharing of the rail lines.

The governor cited the recent collision in Stoughton of a commuter train with a runaway freight car as an example of why he could not “in good conscience” agree to the indemnity demand.

While Mr. Patrick said it is too soon to provide details, he is now looking at what he described as “a very aggressive” approach to allow the expansion that could also help extend commuter rail to western parts of the state and to the South Shore. "

It always AMAZES me they can come up with money to EXPAND commuter rail, but NEVER money to buy the necessary infrastructure (parking lots) and general maintenance of the train car's seats, etc., so passengers can actually use the train services, and in relative comfort! I think the State's naivety is boundless and frankly relies on grossly incompetent research.

Thanks Grafton Train Rider and Fitchburg Train Rider for this information!

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