Monday, April 14, 2008

Perfectly Fine Monday Morning Commute

My commute this morning was perfectly fine, totally uneventful. I took the P508 train in from Grafton. We were actually at South Station for 8:19 a.m.!!! That's 4 minutes ahead of schedule. I have no idea what time the train pulled into Back Bay Station . . . I must have been dozing.

It's funny that we were so ahead of schedule too. I thought we were supposed to be delayed this morning because of track work.

There hasn't been a lot of news about the MBTA/MBCR in the papers or on the web. I noticed in the West edition of The Sunday Globe the Starts & Stops column had a small write-up of the on-time performance results for March 2008. They only listed the best and worst performing lines.

I did read the following article about the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority in this week's issue of the Worcester Business Journal.
The year-old MetroWest Regional Transit Authority wants to run shuttle buses along Route 9 during morning and evening commuting hours, stopping at a few key locations before heading directly to a Green Line stop.

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