Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Commute and Updates from the Worcester Train Summit

TGIF! I think I say this every Friday, but I'm always glad when the weekend rolls around.

I've noticed an increased presence of MBTA police officers at the Grafton train station this past week. I'm sure the NECN story combined with the complaints of Grafton commuters have helped to ramp up patrolling of the parking lot. I hope it continues!

My morning commute was right on time. We left Grafton at 7:09 and got to Back Bay about 1 hour and 2 minutes later, for an 8:11 arrival time. I got out at Back Bay and took the Orange Line over to my office and was at my desk by 8:27. I hope the same holds true when I switch up my commute on Monday (commuter rail to South Station to the Silver Line to my new office).

As I have mentioned in the past, the Worcester Train Summit is going on this morning. We're going to be posting links throughout the day to live blogging provided by Daily Worcesteria as soon as updates become available.

Have a great weekend!

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