Monday, May 5, 2008

My Cinco de Mayo Commute

Happy Cinco de Mayo. Yes, I know this isn't a real holiday, but any excuse to have a margarita or a tequila shot is OK in my book. Maybe I'll celebrate by eating a tasty burrito.

Wow, it is nice to see the sun this morning. What a wet weekend, huh? I felt like a duck. I suppose it is always good to have some rain, but boy was it raw.

This morning's commute on the P508 was good. We got to Back Bay Station at 8:12 a.m. I got off and took the Orange Line to my office. This will be last week I'll be able to do that, as my office is moving to a different location in Boston over the weekend.

The NBC-affiliate in Portland, ME ran this story today about how the rising cost of gas is being attributed to an increase in MBTA riders.

Saw this story that ran on Friday about the approval of a commuter rail improvement design contract for the Fitchburg commuter rail line. This was the grant that the state got for the Fitchburg line from the Federal Transit Administration.

Over the weekend I noticed commercials for National Train Day. This is an initiative coming from Amtrak to celebrate trains. The first-ever National Train day will be this Saturday, May 10th. Here is an AP news article about it. Amtrak is spending $2.2 million to promote National Train Day. May 10th was picked because it is the anniversary of the first transcontinental railroad point.

That's it for train news. Ole!!

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