Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Waiting for a Track at South Station

Boy, am I looking forward to the long weekend. Only two more morning commutes to go and it is Memorial Day. Like so many other Bostonians/Massachusetts residents, I'm off to the Cape. I don't think that is a cliche, but I do hope I avoid the dreaded Cape traffic. Summer is here, but it is always strange when Memorial Day is so early.

Today's commute was fine. I took the P508 in from Grafton. Upon arrival to South Station, our train had to sit on the tracks immediately outside the concourse for over 5 minutes. We were waiting for a track. It is so annoying when you have to wait for a track. I think we finally disembarked around 8:27 a.m., so the wait made us slightly late.

There was an op-ed in today's The Boston Globe about the T's pension system.

Finally, I am very sad to hear the news about Senator Kennedy's brain tumor. I thought the offline headline for the NY Post was especially crass.

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