Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grafton MBTA Station Break-Ins Featured on NECN

Yesteday NECN ran a report on the break-ins at the Grafton MBTA commuter rail station. As a Grafton Commuter noted in a comment yesterday, The Grafton News is supposed to be writing an article about the break-ins and the Charter Cable channel also aired a report. Unfortunately, Grafton Commuter's car was broken into.


Grafton Commuter said...

That's me first featured on the NESN video. I am not Colleen Houseman!

Train Rider said...

It was weird, they kept referring to the second person as Colleen Houseman, but then her name appeared when you were speaking.

Have you noticed the MBTA police there this week? I saw them this morning. (I take the p508 usually).

grafton commuter said...

Yes, it was nice to see them there. I hope they stop by more often so that the thieves will be deterred. At least they are doing something.