Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Afternoon News Round-Up

Train Rider drove into work today. I was away on vacation last week and was not able to help with the commuter rail news round-up.

So here are some current events in the MBTA-MBCR commuter rail world:

Yesterday's Boston Sunday Globe ran an article about how town's, specifically towns along the Worcester commuter rail line, see commuter rail trains as a mixed-blessing. Why? Well, especially in Ashland and Framingham, the trains can contribute to road traffic by blocking intersections.

On Friday The Boston Herald wrote an article about the introduction of new railway cars for bicyclists on the Greenbush commuter rail line.

Last week, The Globe also ran an article about how some T workers may be taking advantage of early retirement before a new law goes into effect.

I enjoyed my vacation, but it feels nice to be back!

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