Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Worcester Line P560 Commuter Rail Train Late on Saturday, May 24th

I received the following email from Grafton Train Rider. The P560 inbound commuter rail train was 22 minutes late on Saturday. Also, Grafton Train Rider shared some observations about the Grafton commuter rail station.

Dear Train Rider,

I took P560 inbound Saturday May 24 and arrived 22 minutes late into Yawkey. Good thing that the Sox were not playing at home! The sign at the Grafton station had not been updated since Friday, May 23 (typical for weekend travel), and the train arrived at Grafton 15 minutes late. I asked the conductor why the train was late, and he replied with a useless comment "Isn't this train always late?". I don't know why the tardiness became worse as we picked up more passengers. One thought is that a portion of the weekend trains is typically closed off. Upon arrival into each station, most passengers have no idea where on the platform to stand. So, most folks have to walk to a different boarding location, and the conductor must wait until everyone boards. For example, I was standing toward the middle (where weekend trains typically board), and this conductor boarded at the rear platform area.

In another matter, my brother and I noticed exposed rebar on the left side of the handicapped inbound ramp in the Grafton station. Concrete is crumbing everywhere, and rust is apparent. I can't believe that this station opened in October 1999, I believe, based upon it's current state. To be honest, I never noticed this shoddy workmanship before since most of us are always rushing for the train. I also noticed uneven newer pavement around manhole covers (for conduit perhaps) that may eventually pose a safety hazard. Perhaps some digital photographs should be sent to Dan Grabauskas and the "Eye Team"?

Grafton Train Rider

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