Wednesday, May 14, 2008

P502 Problems Today

It seems like the MBTA had it's share of problems today, in addition to a Green Line derailment today, the commuter rail also had its share of issues. Grafton Train Rider shared the following with me today:

"The p502 broke down just after Wellesley Square this morning. The conductor did a great job keeping us informed. The p504 connected up with us and pushed us in. My door-to-door commute from Grafton to Cambridge was 2 hours 45 minutes. My company has audits this week beginning at 8 AM, but fortunately, I was able to arrange coverage.

On another note, I noticed 2 bulldozers and a portable toilet at the alleged Weston Commuter Rail station under construction (according to Google maps). I still have not been able to validate what this construction is, though."

Thanks to Grafton Train Rider for today's updates ... I did not take the train today as I had after work commitments for which I needed my car, so it look s like I missed the bad morning commutes.

I also have not been able to verify any information about the new stop in Weston. I sent an email to the MBTA and MBCR but have not heard anything back yet.

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