Friday, July 25, 2008

Drove to Work This Morning

I drove to work this morning. I have plans after work and I heard there were a lot of issues this morning because a train on the South Side derailed last night and they were fixing it. While the Worcester-Framingham line was not impacted (as far as I know), the Greenbush, Fairmont and Middleborough trains were affected. One of my co-workers who commutes on the Worcester line said the P508 was on time.

The Boston Herald said that service was suspended this morning on the Fairmont line. Not a great way to close the week, huh?

In other train news, is reporting that Acton town officials are considering a solution to the overcrowded South Acton MBTA station parking lot. The lot only has 287 spaces and it is usually filled by 9 a.m. on most weekdays. The MBTA has offered to build a one-deck parking structure on top of the existing lot, which would add 184 more spaces. The T is looking to add 1,000 more spaces along the commuter rail system by 2011.

Finally, The Telegram & Gazette reports that the Worcester Regional Transportation Authority will spend $2.3 million to upgrade part of its aging bus fleet. The upgrades are part of a strategy to try to woe drivers to consider using the WRTA's buses. Seven full-size buses will be purchased. These are the first buses purchased by the WRTA since 2000. The WRTA, which serves 35 towns in Central Massachusetts, is also considering a developing a pass that can be used on both the MBTA and the WRTA.

The WRTA is trying to obtain a $29 million grant to purchase a hybrid bus. The grant submission was a group effort - the WRTA and the Brockton Regional Transit Authority, the Merrimack Valley Transit Authority, and the Greater Attleboro Transit Authority.

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Kidney Stones said...

Thankfully, the P508 train was fine. It pulled into South Station at 8:21 AM by my watch. In fact, I didn't even know about the other train de-railing until I got into work this morning.