Thursday, July 24, 2008

Upcoming Fitchburg Line Delays.

Received the following email yesterday from Fitchburg Rider. It is similar to the updates I mentioned in my first post this morning. Fitchburg Train Rider gave me permission to share this with Train Stopping's readers.

Thanks Fitchburg Rider for sharing your recent commuting experiences.
The had an article today about the FITCHBURG line delays in the works...

Last Friday, the 5 p.m. train out of Porter Square was more than 20 minutes late. When the train was ALREADY 10 minutes late, the kiosk in Porter Squarre said, Trains running on or near schedule. It did not say Late until the train was coming down the track!! This is once again utter incompetence.

Now, they say the Fitchburg line will ,"have no delays, some delays, and some could be up to 45 minutes.," according to Erin Blake, spokeswoman for MBCR. And next summer, the article says there will be even more delays due to an engineering project.

So now I can look forward to my 4-hour commute running to 4.5 hours per day until the end of September, and I will never know how late it will be, and you can be certain the light displays will give out no clues. So therefore, I cannot plan for the delays. The bad service just never seems to get any better, and only gets can they get away with it??

Fitchburg Rider

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