Monday, July 21, 2008

First Post-Vacation Commute

Hello Train Stopping readers! I'm back from my business trip and vacation.

My first commute in 1 1/2 weeks was good. The train arrived right on time at 7:09 a.m. this morning and we were at South Station at 8:19. I did get squished in my seat from Ashland on all the way to Boston, which was rather uncomfortable. This person also decided to read his paper without folding it backwards, so kept extending his arms basically right in my face. It was weird too, as there seemed to be plenty of open seats in my P508 car. Oh well . . . back to the status quo I guess!!!

Did anyone catch the cover story from yesterday's Boston Sunday Globe Magazine? It was all about car pooling. Commute-a-holic was part of a vanpool from the Millbury Exit 11 Mass Pike park and ride to Post Office Square in downtown Boston in the early 90s. An interesting article.

Along the lines of seeking out an alternative commute, today's Boston Globe Sidekick ran an article about biking to work.

From the Nashua Telegraph, more about New Hampshire's efforts to obtain train service to Boston. This could be a beneficial extension, but the onus to fund this needs to be on New Hampshire (notorious for not paying for things) and not Massachusetts.

Here is a roundup of other stories:

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