Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drove to Work

I drove to work today. No, I didn't drive because of yesterday's endless commute. I actually have something outside of the city to do tonight after work. So it is easier for me to drive in so I can leave work and go directly to my event.

Traffic was light this morning. Even the backup that happens at the Newton toll on the Mass Pike at Route 128 didn't happen, nor did the backup from the Route 16 mergers. Ah, summertime driving can be so sweet sometimes!

I did take the P527/5:35 p.m. train home last night. The conductors made an announcement regarding all of the delays yesterday morning on the Worcester line. They explained the delays
and apologized to the passengers. I thought it was a good customer service move. We all understand that delays will happen. But we get riled up when the delays happen and there is no communication as to why the delays were happening.

As "Anonymous" mentioned in a comment, if you were caught up in yesterday's delays, submit an On-time Service Guarantee form to the MBTA. It may take 6 to 8 weeks to obtain your refund, but definitely submit for it. It is a good way to officially log service delays.

I'm still curious about one thing from yesterday - if the MBCR/MBTA sent buses out to stations on the Worcester-Framingham line, which stations did the buses go to?

Today's Sidekick in The Boston Globe ran a cute article about guzzling less gas. Nice, easy tips to implement if you're looking to cut your fuel consumption.

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Anonymous said...

They sent a few buses to Framingham around 8:00 a.m. They went straight in to South Station.