Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MBTA Ridership Up 5.3%

WBZ News Radio 1030 with a report about how the T's ridership has increased 5.3% over the same time last year.

Buses saw the biggest jump in daily ridership, with nearly 50,000 people a day. Subway ridership is up to 20,000 a day in May 2008 versus May 2007.

No big surprise for the reason why - the high cost of gassing up our automobiles.

On a different note, this is the 300 post to the Train Stopping blog.

Updated at 2:27 p.m.:
Boston.com just published an article similar to the WBZ update. Not only is ridership across the T up, but Mass Pike usage is down. The Turnpike saw a 3.4% decrease in the number of vehicles that drove on through the system - so 600,000 fewer cars in May 2008 versus May 2007.

Also, AAA is predicting a decline in national traffic for the upcoming 4th of July weekend. AAA reported on Monday that the state average for self-service gas is $4.07 a gallon. What was it this time last year? A meager $2.93 a gallon. And we thought THAT was expensive.

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