Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lovely Mid-Month Morning

Wow. What a difference in air quality between yesterday morning and today. Yesterday - humid, muggy and gross. Today - beautiful.

Since Train Rider is on vacation, I do not have any commuter rail updates to share. I did find two articles this morning. The Gloucester Daily Times published an article about the renovation of the Rockport MBTA station.

In other news, it looks like the Herald has decided to get back on the beat of writing damning articles about the MBTA. The normally verbose (when it comes to political patronage) Herald staff has been pretty quiet over the past few months. But with last week's gas-gate story about how MBTA GM Dan Grabauskas doesn't commute on the commuter rail, it looks like the tabloid-size paper is back to reporting about the less desirable elements of the MBTA. Today there is a commentary about the T's benefits packages. What is the take-away from this commentary: the T is an organizational headache.

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