Friday, July 25, 2008

MBCR Service Update for South Station Derailment

Just received the following from the MBCR RailMail:



MBCR would like to extend our apologies to all our passengers who were affected by last night’s derailment outside of South Station. This incident impacted all trains moving in and out of the station causing terminal congestion for this morning’s commute.

While the coaches that were derailed were successfully removed and brought to the yard, the track damage left behind needs to be repaired before service can be completely restored.

In the interim, we will begin running limited service on the Fairmount line starting with the 3:44p.m (train 767) from South Station. For departure times on all subsequent trains on this line please go to the South Station Information booth, as the train times may need adjustment. We would ask that all passengers on all lines arrive at the station for the regularly scheduled departure time for their train.

Due to terminal congestion, our Greenbush and Old Colony line customers should expect delays of up to 20 minutes. All other lines should expect delays up to 10 minutes for trains departing both South Station and Back Bay.

If you utilized alternate transportation for your inbound commute you may want to consider the same for your outbound travel to avoid the possibility of delay.

We are sorry for the many inconveniences you experience due to this situation and thank you for riding the commuter rail.

Commuter rail service information, including updated commuter rail advisories/alerts is available on the MBTA website at, or by calling the MBTA Customer Support Services Center at 617-222-3200.

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Anonymous said...

I ride the Fairmount line, but fortunately was out of town on business for this derailment. I'm not at all surprised it happened. Riding the Fairmount line is like gambling. The 6:09 pm was canceled Wednesday, as it often is, adding to my unwanted stack of refund tickets. Which is funny anyway, because they never, ever, ever collect fares on the 6:09. Usually don't even see the conductor--not even the day that the cars filled with smoke all the way from South Station to Fairmount. I doubt we'll see serious management take over the commuter rail until they manage to actually kill a lot of people through incompetence.