Monday, July 7, 2008

Introducing Muni Manners

I received an email over the weekend from the creators of Muni Manners, an etiquette guide for users of San Francisco's Muni System(Municipal Transportation Agency).

While some of the content is certainly specific to that Left Coast city on the bay, there are definitely etiquette issues that can be applied to Boston. So go check it out!

Hi Commute-a-holic,

As West Coast fans of Train Stopping, we couldn't resist calling your attention to our new blog With more and more people around the world riding transit, we felt it was time to introduce some simple 'rules of the road' into our daily commutes. We noticed your recent entry regarding commuter rail ridership increases in the Boston area and it seems that your readers might enjoy a refresher course with our etiquette rules as we all aim for a safe and courteous ride on transit!

In our first month, we received great traffic along with features from blogs across the country and a spotlight on CBS's Eye on Blogs. So as you have your morning coffee, take a drive by Muni Manners and check us out. We've got a lot of great rules in store and we'd love for you to help us share the word.

Smooth riding,

SF Muni Ladies

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