Friday, August 1, 2008

Biking to Work, LA Style

For the second time this week, The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) published a commuting-related story on its front page. This time, they focused on commuters who bike to work in LA, America's most car-centric city. Biking to work can be trying in a lot of areas, but in as the Journal describes it:
But in Los Angeles, it takes a special kind of road warrior to hop on a bike in the name of saving the planet and a little money.
Take suburban sprawl plus add aggressive drivers and that's what biking to work is like in the City of Angels. Some bikers have a mixed-vehicle commute: they'll use public transportation to get closer to the city and then bike to their office.

Things are so rough that Angelinos can take classes to learn how to be a defensive biker!

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