Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slow Commute

My morning commute was slow today.

I took the P512 which departs Grafton at 7:49 a.m. We got into South Station at 9:17 a.m., which is about 11 minutes behind schedule.

I wonder if the delay was due to the weather? Something else? Who knows, as there was no official announcement. It was slow going from Framingham through the Wellesley's.

On a different note, last night's thunderstorms were CRAZY!!!! I'm ready to see this Florida/London weather move on to another place. Seriously - it is either humid like Florida or just damp and wet like London. I guess as long as it is nice over the weekend . . .

I won't be commuting in tomorrow morning. It will be a beach day instead.


Kidney Stones said...

Your delay was probably a result of our delay on the P508. Right as we were leaving Natick, the train came to a sudden,jerky halt. After about 5-10 mins of not moving, they finally announced that we had "an accident--no fatalities". After about another 10 mins, we started moving and got into South Station around 8:35.

AJ said...

Yeah, very odd commute this morning. The train pulled into Grafton a full 2 minutes early. I mean it arrived at 705 and we left about 708, as opposed to it pulling it at 707 and leaving at 709. As the masses were sprinting to the train (myself included) at least 2 of the conductors were yelling "Hurry up!" I guess we bitch when they're late so we shouldn't bitch when they're early but man! Threw off my whole schedule.

I heard from a woman who boarded in Natick that someone fell on the platform boarding the train and that's what the delay was. In that situation, we always have to wait for some sort of authority to arrive. We'll see what the train home brings!