Monday, August 25, 2008

Medical Emergency

I took the P508 train in this morning. We were delayed due to a medical emergency at Southborough station. I hope the person is OK.

We ended up arriving at South Station around 8:35 a.m.

On a side note, there was a person on my train who was having the loudest conversation on their cell phone. Perhaps I should contact Muni Manners. Back in May, they wrote a great post about Cell Phone Usage on public transit.


AJ said...

I don't know if your P508 delay threw off trains for the rest of the morning or what, but they canceled the next train in 25 minutes after it was due in Grafton this morning. The ticker read, "Unknown delays on trains to Boston. Please await further details."

When it finally changed, it just told us the next train to Boston would be coming through at 843. The conductors didn't elaborate on why we were delayed, but did apologize and acknowledge the situation.

Still didn't bother to collect fares though.

Kidney Stones said...

You know, had we been 30 minutes late, would it still have been "prudent" to claim the delay money? I felt like a jerk sitting there thinking that on the P508, but I think you could still technically claim for a free ride...

Anyway, as soon as we stopped in Southboro, I saw a guy at the end of my train literally DASH for the door...then they made the announcement 2-3 mins later. I can only assume he was somehow involved in the medical emergency.

Hope everyone is ok.