Thursday, August 7, 2008 Chat with Dan Grabauskas hosted a chat with Dan Grabauskas.

According to the chat's transcript, you can email Dan directly at I have no idea if this is actually Dan's email address or if it is some general email address that is used to answer rider concerns. visitors asked some good questions. Some of the answers, though, tend to fall into the standard Dan-speak of canned answers. I still don't get why the media loves this guy so much. I would grade his performance at a C- at best.

This question caught my eye. You might think it is because I ride the Worcester-Framingham line, but that's not why I was drawn to this question. No, I was fascinated by this question because they did not answer it.
Ttime: A colleague of mine takes the Framingham/Worcester commuter rail. She is going to cancel her monthly passes and purchase 12 ticket rides, because the conductors do not check passes when the train is crowded. What are your plans to enforce that every rider has to show a pass or have their tickets punched? I would imagine that this is costing the T quite a bit of money!
Hmm, Dan, why don't you address it? Because those of us who aren't doing it are thinking about doing it, especially if raises get raised. Why . . . because we're spending a great deal of money on passes that aren't being checked and because loads of people are using the commuter rail and the T for free.

No surprise here either . . . commuter rail schedules will be adjusted again in the near future. Dan said that schedules are adjusted twice a year, but I think some schedules are tweaked more often.

There were other questions in the chat that didn't have answers and there were some answers that really weren't answers.

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