Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marketing Blogs and the MBTA-MIT Suit

I know. I know. We've beaten the MBTA-MIT hackers suit to death.

I'm just really cracking up that two weeks later, this is still making the rounds of marketing publications.

Yesterday, Seana Mulcahy, who contributes to MediaPost's OnlineSPIN blog, wrote a post about MBTA and the MIT students. It is a fun read titled Don't Mess With The MIT. Here's a taste of what Seana wrote:
On a local level, I had to laugh out loud (LOL) when I heard about a
completely ridiculous case, the MBTA v. Anderson. It has spawned national ink
(in hard copy and electronic). Nonetheless, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation
Agency (MBTA) has what it calls a Charlie Ticket System. It is a public transit
system that’s supposed to be safe and secure. Well, think again, folks. It seems
a group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hacked the
system and recently published an academic paper detailing the findings.

I just love it when trains and marketing collide.

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