Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Even in the Rain, Today's Train Arrived on Time

My inbound commute on the P508 train was good this morning. We were on time, though I neglected to look at my watch so I don't have the exact time we rolled into South Station.

How sad about yesterday's fatality on the train tracks in Westborough yesterday. According to The Boston Globe, the man who was struck and killed by an Amtrak train committed suicide. This was the second accident this week on the Worcester line. Yesterday The MetroWest Daily News reported on injuries to a homeless man who was struck by a train in downtown Framingham on Monday. Yikes.

Following-up on yesterday's post about the "hefty" MBTA fare hikes looming, I wanted to mention that both AJ and Kidney Stones made some good comments about the fare hikes. Honestly, I'm in the same boat they're in. If my pass goes from $250 to $320, I am not taking the train anymore. With the delays and the impact to my schedule, it just doesn't become financially enticing to ride the rails. Not to be crass, but eff that!

By the way, I'm really enjoying's The Green Blog. I'm not sure how long this blog has been around, but some of the recent article about transportation have been really enjoyable. Yesterday, they published a Q&A with our good "friend" Dan Grabauskas. There is even a video, see below. The Q&A generated 63 comments so far. Many of the comments are rational - people want to see new leadership, better management, and fare enforcement. Pretty logical, huh? I think this is a good point for our elected officials, including our Governor, to step up and get involve. This is a pretty big issue impacting a good segment of the general population.

Finally, The Greater Grafton Blog published another report on the plans to reinstate the Grafton & Upton railroad.

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Driving Dan Grabauskas said...

Train Rider -

Thanks for posting this video from

Is Dan Grabauskas serious? I love his answer to the woman who asked what ways the T is going green? He said something to the effect "well, the MBTA is pretty green if we can get even 1 person out of a car."

Excuse me, Dan, but what's your excuse? You drive from Ipswich to Boston every day. That's pathetic.

As the "leader" of the MBTA, you are obviously just a leader in name only. You are not a true leader. A real leader would not be a hypocrite and s/he would use the public transportation options provided to get to work.

You know, you are a really pathetic person. Many of us wish we had a job like yours, earning the salary you are earning, with all the perks and benefits. Some people deserve those jobs. But you do not. You are just a hack.