Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fitchburg Line Delays from Porter Square

Fitchburg Rider sent the following email to us today, regarding some recent delays on the Fitchburg line.

Thanks Fitchburg Rider for sharing.

Hi Train Stopping,

I regularly ride the Fitchburg line from Porter Square/Littleton, and since they started fixing the tracks during the day, the 4:50 pm Commuter Express from Porter Square has been at least 10 minutes late every day for the past two weeks. And because the crowd waiting for the 4:50 pm train now gets on with the other crowd waiting for the 5 PM train, the trains are packed solid, with no seats left such that riders must STAND UP for the entire express trip from Porter Square to Acton. It is ugly. And MBTA will never admit it -- they claim that only the trains from mid-morning to mid-afternoon are affected, but now we are even more miserable. They should add more cars, but dream on...

Fitchburg Rider

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