Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy, Busy Monday

Sorry for such a delayed post - I was jammed busy this morning. My commute on the P508 train was fine this morning. Nothing unusual to report.

Did everyone hear about the three MIT kids who hacked into the MBTA's Charlie Card to show some of the security issues with the card? Well the T is suing them. According to The Boston Herald, the MBTA students wanted to show the MBTA how to fix the problem. Why fix something that doesn't work, when you can just sue?

Commute-a-holic gave me the latest Worcester Magazine issue over the weekend. There is an article about the Worcester line. Since they rejiggered the schedule back in March, the Worcester line is now the 4th best performing of the 14 MBCR commuter rail lines. The line's on-time performance in July 2008 was 91%.

Has anyone noticed that the monthly on-time performance charts at South Station, which used to be visible, are now hidden? What is up with that?

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Pig Roaster said...

Of course, the presentation the kids wanted to give at DEFCON is already out on the web since the MBTA failed to bring their suit until after everybody attending the conference had received a copy on CD. Brilliant!

Why fix a problem when you can bring more attention to it with a useless lawsuit? How many of us would have even known about the DEFCON presentation had the lawsuit not been brought in the first place?