Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gary Gets an Answer, If You Can Call it That

Gary, who I wrote about in a post late last month, finally got an answer from the MBTA for his complaint email sent in after the P500 train never arrived. Well, he sort of got an answer. What do I mean? Read for yourself.
Dear Gary,

I have read your email and would like to begin by apologizing for the delay in my response. I realize that some time has passed but want to assure you that your concern is of importance.

There is no question that our LED messaging system is somewhat outdated and has flaws; still operating off of a dial-up. Our communications department sends out delay messages and receives a "transmission sent" response following this effort; however, we are not able to see if the relay reaches its final destination.

I am pleased to report that the MBTA is in the process of procuring a new GPS messaging system which will greatly enhance our ability to provide our passengers with delay information in "real-time".

I am unable to speak to the lack of information provided on the MBTA's website but have forwarded this to the appropriate personnel for their review.

I am sorry both for the inconvenience of the delay itself but more importantly for the lack of information provided to you and your fellow passengers waiting at the station.

Linda Dillon
MBCR Customer Service Manager
Gary sent along a follow-up email that generated this response:

Actually the answer to this is simply that we are two different companies. We provide the MBTA with the delay information but we cannot access their website to post delay information; that falls under their purview. When this new system comes into play, this should be a moot point. If I may anticipate your next question, the MBTA has provided no timeframe as yet for the roll out of this upgrade.

Linda Dillon
Thanks for sharing, Gary.

Boy, am I happy I do not have Linda Dillons' job. It is a tough one.

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Quasit said...

Poor Linda...she also has to deal with me! :D

How is it that those damned electronic signs NEVER WORKED, and now they're outdated? Who's responsible for this sick joke of a system?