Friday, October 10, 2008

Dan G says, "It's About Time for A Parking Increase"

As if the hardships currently gripping the economy aren't bad enough, I just came across this article in the Globe about an increase in parking at all MBTA lots and garages which will go into effect on Nov. 15th.

For us commuter rail riders, parking is going to increase from $2 to $4 a day. For garage parkers (like Alewife), parking is going to increase from $5 to $7. According to my friend Dan Grabauskas: "even without the fiscal crisis it was time to increase the charge for parking. Half a decade is certainly a long time between increases."

Furthermore, this is really a reaction to the MBTA's finanical situation and the fact that they owe the union back pay for two years. If anyone remembers the silent strike last year, the union threatened to do the same thign this year (i.e. by "impacting service") if the MBTA board did not take some steps to address the back pay issue. So, as a result, the commuters get to bear the brunt of it.

Can't say I'm happy about this at all.


Anonymous said...

They definitely should NOT do this without installing some kind of electronic fee-taking machine. It's already a huge pain in the ass to stuff 2 $1 bills in the slots at Framingham. Now we have to all stuff $4 or worse, a ton of change? This makes me so angry!

Anonymous said...

Boy, am I glad that I walk to the train station.

That 100% increase for parking really sucks. And aren't they planning on raising the commuter rail fares again soon???

susan said...

Interesting that the fare increase comes at the same time the MBTA approved a $1.4 million plan to install free wifi services on all trains (it's already available on the Worcester-Boston line).

If given a choice, I wonder if commuters would pick free wifi or cheaper parking?

AJ said...

Does this mean there will be an increase in the service provided at the lots? Like making sure they get plowed well and sanded over the winter? Or that they'll be trucking away some snow so we don't lose 1/2 our parking spots? Or some security so our cars don't get broken into? I can't imagine it goes towards paving or anything because all the lots on the Worcester line seem to be in great shape?

So what exactly does this fare increase cover?

Anonymous said...

Why do unions still exist?? They are an anachronism that was necessary a century ago but obsolete today. Unions are costly to the public in terms of job efficiency and money. Many projects cannot start or continue because "only union members" are allowed to do the work at "union level pay," usually much much higher than market-driven rates. Ever wonder how much that electric outlet in your office costs? Union-mandated price of $250 vs. $40 market price. Mandated as in, "choose this option or else." Legalized organized crime! Being in a union also doesn't encourage productivity as the jobs are almost guaranteed for life! It's damn near impossible to lose your job if you're in a union. Unions just don't make any economic sense at all and the public pays for the price for this!