Thursday, October 2, 2008

It Was a Two Hour Commute

My commute in on the P508 was a two hour commute. In my head I can hear the theme to "Gilligan's Island". . . "it was a three hour tour. . . a three hour tour." So my commute today was 1 hour shorter than the Gilligan crew's scenic boat tour and we didn't get lost on our way into Boston.

So what happened? I'll share two point of views: The T&G has already published an update (check out the web in action). Um, the delays were longer than 25 to 30 minutes. Hmm, I wonder if the press conference crew made it into South Station before 10 a.m.? Interesting.

Here is my personal account:

A truck got stuck and tore its roof off at a railroad bridge in Westborough that is very close to Westborough Center and the new Bay State Commons shopping center. We finally got to South Station at around 9:10 a.m. this morning. For me, that was two hours after boarding the train in Grafton.

Communication regarding the delay, due to said tractor trailer truck getting stuck under the bridge the train has to cross, was pretty good from the conductors on board. Accidents unfortunately happen and this one was a dozy!

What I don't understand is, after Natick, it seemed like we crawled between 20 to 25 MPG all the way into Boston. And we sat near BU for about 8 to 10 minutes waiting for a signal.

This morning's commute was certainly not the best one in a while. On a brighter note, beyond the fact it looks like the sun may actually come out today, my T pass finally arrived last night! Although, if memory serves, I don't think it was checked on the train this morning. Oh well, it got me onto the Silver Line.

Moving on, I am super excited about this morning's news that the state will be purchasing the tracks on the Worcester line currently owned by CSX. I saw Commute-a-holic's update while I was stuck on the train. What a morale boost! In addition to the T&G the news about this purchase was covered by the following media outlets:
Finally, here is an article from yesterday's The Eagle-Tribune about the concerns of residents who live near the MBTA train layover facility in Bradford.

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