Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Times Thursday MBCR Commute

Today has been a crazy-busy day. My commute on the P508 was fine. We arrived to South Station at around 8:23 a.m.

For one of my friends who commutes to work on the Pike (since his office is located outside of Boston), today's morning drive wasn't so smooth. He got into a minor fender-bender in the stop and go traffic. This is just another reason why I really don't dig the Pike during rush hour - it's accident central!!

Emerson College's The Berkley Beacon wrote another article today about the Silver Line project. If the Silver Line project happens, Emerson College will be directly impacted.

Now in the "really strange news" department, today's Boston Metro contained an article about how the MBTA is trying to sell the Solari station sign that currently hangs in South Station on eBay. Um, didn't Governor Palin try to do this with some plane in Alaska (and didn't it not really sell on eBay???)? Anyho, if you desire to own this sign, the bids start at $500. However, if you win it, you have to haul it. The sign weighs 2,600 pounds. I couldn't find it on eBay, but if you do, you know I'll link to it (you betcha!!).

Edited at 7:40 p.m. EDT: Check out the Solari sign on eBay. Thanks to Anonymous for sharing!

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