Friday, October 31, 2008

Fight the Hike

Thanks go to CommuterGirl for this tip. Cape Cod-area commuters do have an option if they don't want to pay 100% more for their commuter rail parking. The new MBTA Parking Hike - Bus is Cheaper - Save $960 blog tells more.

Actually, the blog is pretty bare, but here is the story. If you live in or near Bourne, you can take the Peter Pan bus from Bourne to South Station for $7.50 each way ($15 a day) and you don't have to pay for parking. CommuterGirl equates the bus with a $960/year savings in parking fees and a $80/year savings in commuting pass fees.

CommuterGirl's fares are based on the 20-ride option that Peter Pan sells. If you're interested, visit the Peter Pan schedule page to learn more.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of commuter bus service, does anyone have any experience with Cavalier Coach? They offer service from Marlborough, Southborough, and Northborough into Boston at cheaper fares than the commuter rail from, but I cannot find any information on parking. When I called them, the lady who answered the phone was very vague about it.