Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Windy Day Commute

It is quite chilly today. Also, it is super windy on the waterfront.

My commute on the P508 seemed like it was running 5 to 8 minutes off the usual pace. I sure hope this isn't a "scope creep" trend now that we're heading into the winter. We did pull into South Station at 8:26 a.m, so we were a few minutes behind schedule.

No major stories in the news today. I read a man was killed on the Braintree tracks over the weekend. That is sad.


Anonymous said...

The 506 was a few minutes late this morning, one car short, and had less double-deckers than usual, making for longer-than-usual station stops and crowded conditions.

So as I was sitting tightly next to my fellow commuters, I flipped through the NY MTA site, specifically Metro-North. Using distance between Grand Central Station and your home station as a measure, Metro-North's fares are cheaper than the commuter rail fares. That's only one-way and round-trip tickets. Prices are further reduced if you purchase tickets over the web or buy a monthly pass. The discount on the monthly pass is much better than the MBTA's monthly pass. Parking rates at stations are cheaper too (nothing over $3.75), with free weekends/holidays!

Now, I moved here from NYC a few years ago for two main reasons: 1) my wife and her family are from the Worcester area; and 2) the cost of living was lower in MA than in NY. Now it appears the reverse is beginning to rear its ugly head, in light of the MBTA's and state's financial fiasco. I would not mind the price increase as much if I saw something come out of it, but it appears we're using the money to pay back debt to unions, amongst other things (don't even get me started on unions). Taking this a step further, why pay more for less service when more service can be purchased for less elsewhere? It boggles the mind!

I am seriously considering moving back to NY. I'll be the first to admit that they don't have the world's best financial management, but it's nowhere near as bad as the financial incompetency here. It was bad enough to cut off a major source of revenue by blocking the building of casinos, but abolishing the state income tax? Luckily, the firm I work for has a major office in NY so relocation would not be a problem for me, but I wonder how other people here will cope in the coming months and possibly years.

AJ said...

You must have picked up some time between Back Bay and South Station. I was one of the last people off at Back Bay and it was still only 8:18, which is early for Back Bay.