Thursday, October 2, 2008

Massachusetts to Purchase Rail Tracks from CSX

Worcester-Framingham commuter rail line passengers take note. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has reached an agreement with CSX to purchase the tracks between Worcester and Framingham. Read all about it in today's The Telegram & Gazette.

FIVE - that's right - FIVE additional trains will be added to the Boston to Worcester route later this month. The new trains are scheduled to start service on October 27th.

In addition to the Central Mass-MetroWest tracks, the state will also be purchasing tracks in three other sections of the state, including the South Coast. The state will spend $100 million for this purchase - $50 million for the Worcester portion alone.

Six more daily trains may be added to the Worcester line over the next four years.

Starting October 27th, the plans are to add two morning trips and two evening trips to the Worcester line. The details of this agreement are expected to be announced today at a press conference this morning at Worcester's Union Station. The exact trip times for the new trains have not been determined.
“Study after study has shown we have got to do a better job of cross-pollinating our housing and workforce needs, and rail is one of the best ways to do that. Linking up the two largest cities and points in between in a way that is affordable and environmentally friendly makes absolute sense,” Mr. Murray said.

The agreements provide for the state to undertake the elevation of highway bridges to allow double-stack freight trains between Interstate 495 and the New York state line, while the state also has agreed to help CSX with possible future relocation of a major Boston freight yard to one or more locations in Central Massachusetts, including Worcester. Together, Mr. Murray said, it could make Worcester “the new rail hub of New England.”
The news about the Mass Pike is not as positive. Two articles in this morning's The Boston Globe. One was about how the Pike has been conducting more road maintenance during the day, to conserve costs. The other is about Governor Deval Patrick's proposal to dismantle the Pike and merge it into other state agencies.


Anonymous said...


It's about time!!!

Anonymous said...

I only read about more trains, not faster or more reliable trains. Just more of them. Skepticism remains.

melvin said...

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