Friday, October 31, 2008

Was Your Commute a Trick or a Treat?

Happy Halloween! I can't say if this morning's commute was a "trick" or "treat," as I'm home sick today. So I guess I got the "trick" deal today.

I know I'm the Train Rider and Commute-a-holic is all about those other inter-related transportation issues. However, you do know that I sometimes have to drive to work, either due to post-work events or because I couldn't catch the train. One bone of contention I have is with the Mass Pike tolls at the Weston / Route 128 area.

According to The MetroWest Daily News, the Pike has a plan in place to reconfigure the toll plazas in Weston to increase traffic flow. Super - I hope this helps.

The MetroWest Daily News
article essentially included the language directly from the MassPike's press release:
All motorists paying cash will be directed to the middle of the toll plaza. The majority of FAST LANE motorists will stay to the left side of the toll plaza. New signage and new line striping will direct motorists to the appropriate lanes. The left lanes will be striped and marked "FAST LANE ONLY."
The new toll booth configuration will be in place on November 3rd. If you're a frequent Pike driver, please feel free to drop a line to worctrainrider AT to let me know if the new booths make your driver better or . . . worse.

Also, yesterday's The Eagle-Tribune ran a story on the Plaistow, NH commuter rail line extension. The news is similar to other reports on this topic.

Along with today being Halloween, it is also the first anniversary of the Greenbush line.

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Anonymous said...

So the new tolls at 128 were in place today, there wasn't much traffic once you got past the idiots blocking three lanes to get onto 128 so i can't say how the new configuration will work out.

i can say that from my years of driving on the pike, that instead of just shifting the FLs(two fast lanes on the left with three cash in the middle and another FL on the far right), they need to ADD MORE. it's always the three cash lanes that have no lines - b/c everyone has fast lane.

they need to add one more fast lane and take away a cash - but that would make sense so i don't see it happening.