Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Stop Believing!

I'll admit it ... I went to bed after the bottom of the 7th. I was tired and not feeling well. I thought it was a given that the Rays would be spraying champagne all over Fenway (something which I've never forgotten when the Yankees did it in 1999). Imagine my surprise when the texts came in mere seconds after JD Drew hit the game winning single. An unbelievable night in Red Sox history and I'm happy to be proven wrong.

Continuing the goodwill, the train was on time today, we arrived to South Station around 8:24. I think a lot of my fellow commuters were tired from the game, there seemed to be a lot of dozing on the p508 this morning.

Enjoy the beautiful fall day ... and as always ... GO SOX!!!


Kidney Stones said...

I feel like the P508 has been exceptionally sluggish this week. What happened to those wonderful 8:19 arrivals from a few weeks ago?!

I've particularly noticed that we seem to be arriving at Framingham closer and closer to 7:40. The rest is downhill from there!

Train Rider said...

I agree. Something is up in Ashland, that's usually when we crawl on into Framingham. Not sure what is going on ... should have asked the managers last night! D'oh!