Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post ALDS Smooth Ride

I'm thrilled the Sox won last night's ALDS game against the Angels. I was also happy last night's game was quicker than Sunday night's game. Lester was efficient as opposed to Beckett Sunday night.

The train was fine this morning. It was a smooth ride on the P508 all the way into South Station. We arrived at 8:23 a.m.

I received a MBCR Rail Mail email this morning about the "new" Worcester line schedule. Here are the details, effective Monday October 27th.

Monday through Friday
  • Train P500, the 5:40am train from Framingham to Boston, will now depart Worcester at 4:45am arriving at South Station at 6:31am and making all intermediate station stops approximately 5 minutes earlier.
  • Train P504, the 6:50am train from Framingham to Boston, will now depart Worcester at 6:05am, making all intermediate stops to Boston
  • Train P526, the 3:53pm train from Framingham to Boston, will now depart Worcester at 4:30pm, arriving in Boston at 6:05pm.
Monday through Friday
  • Train P501, the 5:30am train from South Station to Framingham, will now depart South Station at 4:00am and will extend to Worcester, arriving at 5:14am.
  • Train P517, the 2:45pm train from South Station, will now depart South Station 2:40pm and will be extended all the way to Worcester, arriving at 4:13pm.

Printable PDF format copies of schedules are available at http://www.mbta.com/schedules_and_maps/rail/lines/?route=WORCSTER

Commuter rail service information, including updated commuter rail advisories/alerts is available on the MBTA website at www.mbta.com, or by calling the MBTA Customer Support Services Center at 617-222-3200.

The MetroWest Daily News ran an article yesterday about how the Cape Cod Central Railroad plans to submit a proposal to the Executive Office of Transportation calling for the restoration of rail service from the Cape to Boston. The Cape Cod Central Railroad claims that they can get trains running to Boston in a year at a fraction of the cost of the state's proposal to restore service to the South Coast by 2016.

Yesterday CNet published an article about security flaws in the Mifare Wireless smart card used by transit systems including the MBTA. This is a follow-up to the paper the three MIT students wrote earlier in the summer.

Finally, Mashable! (a site about new things on the Web) printed an article yesterday about resources available to navigate mass transit. While the MBTA's website was mentioned, alas Train Stopping nor BusRyda were mentioned, but it is a great read nonetheless.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this blog and thanks for all of your hard work.

I live in Framingham and with the changes in the schedule I worry that soon *ALL* inbound trains will be delayed, since soon all of them will originate in Worcester.

Between Worcester and Framingham a lot of bad happens to delay trains, and my friends and I used to choose the trains that started here in Framingham because we knew that they'd never be delayed.

Now that all trains will soon originate in Worcester we Framingham people will be late all the time.

So while some people were glad to hear the news of the increased service to Worcester, we were not. All we thought was, "Oh, crap, we're screwed now."

Sam M said...

I'm pretty screwed by this schedule change, too. I'm a reverse commuter -- I live in town and commute to Wellesley. We tend to be ignored, but there are more of us than the MBCR thinks (I counted 50 in my car alone this afternoon, and this was a slow day).

Now there's no inbound service at all between 3 and 5:30. A two and a half hour gap during early rush hour! WTF? I applaud the efforts to improve things for the Worcester commuters, but they're causing huge problems for people who've been taking the train for years. The MBCR just extended my work day to 10 hours -- I won't get home until close to 7. Thanks, MBCR!