Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meet the MBCR Managers

Grafton Train Rider attended the "Meet MBCR Managers" event at Back Bay station last night. Grafton Train Rider was kind enough to send along a recap:
I received the impression that the session was well attended by Worcester line riders. Of course everyone seemed to have their own agenda.

I met two people who do a reverse commute from Yawkey to Natick and were complaining about the lack of service. Upon reviewing the schedule, I understand their complaint. The problem at Yawkey is that the stop is essentially one-way and the morning inbound trains comprise most of the stops (although only one express train, P502).

I was advocating for fewer stops on the local trains. Specifically, I met Stuart Trout, Director Quality Engineer & Services and John Rossi, Trainmaster. I also provided Stuart with the following suggestion.

I commend the forthcoming extension of service on the Framingham/Worcester commuter rail line effective 10/27/08. However, riders need faster (non-local) trains rather than slow trains making 16 total stops, Worcester to South Station, inclusive.

For example, why can't some of these trains only stop in Wellesley Square, which offers the largest parking lot, rather than making three total stops in one town? The three Newton stops present the same situation, and folks departing from Newtonville have other options such as the express buses.

Other lines such as Fitchburg skip stops such as Belmont, Waverley, etc. on certain runs. I doubt that your new schedule will be very appealing to potential customers based upon total travel time, especially in light of the forthcoming $2/day parking fare increase.
Grafton Train Rider said that the next "Meet the MBCR" session is Thursday (tomorrow) from 4 to 6 p.m. at South Station. So, if you're in the South Station vicinity, you may want to stop by and meet the MBCR.

Thanks Grafton Train Rider for this recap!

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