Monday, October 27, 2008

Train Rider Didn't Miss the P508

Train Rider is in a car heading home, maybe still in downtown Boston, maybe on the Mass Pike. In any event, Train Rider is driving home, wishing the commute home was on the MBCR Commuter Rail line, not on the Mass Pike.

BUT maybe Train Rider will be happy that today's commute was a forced drive on the Mass Pike. Since the "Manic Monday" post was first added today around 1:26 p.m. EDT, six comments have come in. All with updates about what really happened this morning.

Today was the first day of the "new" Worcester-Framingham line commuter rail schedule. There was a ton of press coverage. The Lt. Governor supposedly even took the train into Boston. Yet, the train was delayed. The P508 that Train Rider "missed" wasn't even the P508 running 5 minutes late. It was the P506 running about 20 minutes behind!! Good grief. I guess it certainly was a Manic Monday commute.

Thanks to everyone who shared an update with us.

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