Tuesday, June 3, 2008

$4 Per Gallon Gas Brings About Increased T Ridership

It looks like more and more commuters are turning to the T in order to combat expensive gasoline prices. According to this Boston.com article, "the MBTA says that the number of riders on the system's subways, buses, trains, and boats has shown another increase..." and not only is this a trend in Boston, it seems to be a trend nationwide.

The biggest ridership increases were on the bus and subway system, but commuter rail and ferries also saw an increase.

Additionally, MBTA revenues also are on the rise, with a $4.4 million jump in fares collected in April 2008 compared with the prior April [2007].

Commute updates for June 3: took the 7:49 out of Grafton and arrived at South Station at approximately 9:03.

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