Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celitcs Parade Information Announcement from the MBCR

Received the following email from the MBCR's RailMail service.

Congratulations Celtics!
Parade Notification and Special Announcements

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our regular customers that due to the parade for the Celtics there will be increased ridership on the commuter rail system. We will be running a normal weekday schedule. All available coaches will be in service for this event making it possible to have additional coaches on some trains; however, customers should anticipate crowded trains and delays throughout the day.

Due to the size and layout of our stations, we will have boarding procedures in place. This will include dedicated lines for each line of route. Please see the attached information for your departing station. Our priority will be to board trains as early as possible to minimize delays and to ensure your safety.

Customers are encouraged to buy a round trip ticket on their inbound trip to Boston either from the local vendor at their departing station or from the conductor on the inbound train. This will expedite departures and minimize lines at the ticket office, as we will be carrying out pre-boarding checks and we will ask to see your pass or ticket for your outbound trip.

Additional staff will be available throughout the day to assist in managing lines, fare collection and boarding.

There will be signs posted at North, South and Back Bay stations offering additional details.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation and thank you for riding commuter rail.

South Side Information
Thursday June 19th 2008

Customers are advised that we expect that all trains will be crowded today with Celtics supporters traveling to and from Boston for the Celebration Parade.

Please take into consideration the increased ridership when planning your commute today. It will be important to note that there will be special arrangements at South Station and a “queuing” system in place at Back Bay Station.

Outbound Departures
Trains will be operating as close to schedule as possible. When trains are at capacity, they will depart.

Worcester line Customers are advised that train number P517 (2:45p.m. departure) will make all stops to Worcester.

South Station
We ask that you do not arrive at South Station more than 20 minutes prior to your train’s departure time. This will prevent overcrowding of the station and allow ease of access to tracks and platforms. On arrival, please remain in the station and listen for announcements. Please ensure you have purchased your ticket prior to boarding your train.

Back Bay
A “queuing” system will be in operation for commuter rail customers.
  • The East Berkley/Clarendon exit will be closed.
  • Customers will enter through the Clarendon Street entrance into a “queue” for the Franklin, Needham, and Providence/Stoughton Lines.
  • Framingham/Worcester Line Customers will be directed to tracks 5 & 7.

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