Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reason for the P508 Delay Today

I received this as a comment, but thought it would be beneficial to everyone to add it as a post as well, this is from a fellow Worcester rider:

I was on that very P508 train. I got on in Worcester at roughly 6:47, and didn't get off until 9:47 or so. THREE hours one way!

I was forced to ride (illegally, I might add) in the "boarding" section of train, squeezed in like sardines. Luckly, I was near one of the conductors, and she was able to explain everything to us.

Apparently, the MBTA has known for weeks that the P508 train has "flat wheels." Flat wheels can cause the train to de-rail. The maximum "Wear and tear" that's allowed by law is 1 1/2 inches. Some of the wheels on this train had flat spots of OVER three inches. So, they forced everyone off in Framingham and made us switch trains. I got into the office at 10 AM.

Two things REALLY bother me about this:
  1. If the MBTA knew that our train has been running dangerously for weeks, why didn't they do anything?
  2. Why would they allow us to ride illegally from Framingham to South Station? If we had crashed, I easily would have died. I had nothing to hold on to, and was using the backs and fronts of my fellow passengers as support.

Today will go down in history as the worst commute of all time. It was laughable, and you better believe I'm getting my $15 claim.


Anonymous said...

Train Rider,

Thanks for your blog. It is really informative.

Where is the media? Why are they covering "news stories" like adding WiFi to the underused commuter boats to get more passengers versus examining how the MBTA is spending their money.

How could the T, which has already had to deal with two accidents this year, not pull the P508 train out of service and replace it with another car? Maybe instead of adding WiFi to their commuter boats or building extensions to a commuter rail line that people do not want, maybe the T could just do their job and maintain what they have.

Does anyone actually work at the T? Does anyone car? If this sounds like a rant, maybe it is. I'm sick and tired of paying money for sub-standard service. As a Massachusetts resident and a commuter, I feel like I'm paying twice - both in my taxes and in my monthly commuting fees.

This is outrageous.

Thanks to the brave conductor who shared the real reason why the trains were delayed. I feel for the conductors - they're just trying to do their job but they're dealing with an ineffective group of managers who are obviously just political pooh-bahs.

Richard said...

I was on that train this morning. The 6:55am train from Worcester to Framingham died in Framingham and all the passengers (several hundred) had to cross the tracks to catch the next train which was nearly full when it arrived. Maybe a third of the people managed to squeeze onto the train, leaving the rest of us to cross back over the tracks and wait about 10 minutes for another train, the 8:40am local from Framingham to Boston. This train arrived in Boston nearly a half hour late at approximately 9:55am.

If the statement about the wheels is true, then some media outlet in Boston should investigate it. It seems that many of the delays are the fault of the MBTA (mechanical problems) and they like to paint CSX as the sole bad guys in this picture.

AJ said...

Hey Guys-
I actually had to take yesterday off but had gotten the amazing low down from some friends. Unbelievable! It's so infuriating to find out that not only are they not delivering their end of this high priced service (holding their trains to the proper scheduled times) they are also putting some serious lives in danger. If it is indeed the fact that the train wheels were double the legal limit for safety, this is completely unacceptable and has to be criminal! I know Fox 25's Jim Armstrong contacted your blog in the past, and I would seriously recommend you attempt to contact him and bring this to his attention. I'm sure he would be more than happy to investigate.

As for the anonymous comment above, we all feel your pain! However, it's been brought to light that you can't simply pull a car, let alone a train, and swap it for another without seriously screwing up other commutes. They don't have ANY extras! That fact amazes me every time I use it or hear someone else say it. No extras to accommodate any unforeseen issues. I would love to even say spend money on cars and not WiFi, but cars take 3 years to come in! I noticed the other day that one of the nicer double deckers I had been in was constructed in 1991! And this was one of the newer cars! I know they're trying to push the Greenbush line, and while I've never ridden and don't know the numbers, it would seem to me they could run short trains and free up cars for another line.

From the 1/2 joking, 1/2 serious department. I say we get some grass roots campaign going and figure out a way to overthrow Dan Grabauskas and install Train Rider as the new head of the MBTA! We need a man of the people to represent the oppressed commuters everywhere. I know I'd help with the campaigning!