Thursday, June 12, 2008

Late, Late, I Can't Be Late

It figures. The one morning that I absolutely, positively need to be in the office by a specific time, I'm not. I took the P508 train in this morning. Instead of arriving to South Station for 8:23 a.m., we didn't pull in until 8:32 a.m. I hope this isn't the start to a long summer of delays.

I don't know what is going on, but there seem to be some signal issues occurring on the Worcester line this week. I can understand how Monday's and Tuesday's hot, hot, hot weather could impact the trains. But the temperature today is near perfect.

Of course, the one day I really need to get to the office, I wasn't there. Argh!!!!


AJ said...

I am really, REALLY sick of us stopping without any announcement as to why. I know we've discussed this in the past, and it seemed as of late that the conductors have been fairly prompt with information, but this is the second day in a row that we've stopped in the same spot just after we cross under the Pike and sat for a good 10 minutes with no explanation! It's infuriating!

Train Rider said...

I'm sick of it too! I zipped off an angry email to the MBTA this morning. Hopefully, we'll see some improvements.

Jennifer Forman Orth said...

Tried to take the P504 this morning but when we got to Framingham station there were "stay tuned" delay messages on the screens. The P504 got delayed 45-50 minutes so everyone was still around when the P506 arrived. When the train stopped at the station, the conductor got off the train, looked around, surprised, and asked "What, did the earlier train get canceled?" How can it be that they don't even tell their own conductors when another train gets delayed??? Talk about communication issues.

The train eventually got so crowded that they started keeping people from getting on, somewhere after Wellesley. Of course, the one thing they've managed to do well is put together that new schedule, so when you miss the earlier train you get to your destination station 25 minutes late, dashing all hopes of some compensation for lost pay when you finally get into work.

Robert said...

They don't tell you because they couldn't possibly care less. You need to get some understanding of how the MBTA works and what goes on internally. Get to know some T employees offline and just have them tell you about their workplace, and you'll start to get a clue. Most of the managers drive to work and couldn't care less about your problem; they probably think you're a bit weird/nuts to take the T.