Friday, June 27, 2008

I've Been Working on the Railroad

TGIF! I'm glad it is Friday. I actually thought yesterday was Friday. So did Commute-a-holic. Maybe we're just pining for next week's 4th of July holiday.

Funny story. Last night I was waiting to get off the train in Grafton. So I was standing in the vestibule. There was a conductor in the vestibule with me and some other folks. The conductor was whisting "I've Been Working on the Railroad," which I though was funny. It definitely put a smile on all of our faces. What a great way to end a train ride home.

I'm heading up to New Hampshire after work, so I drove in today. I got an update from one of my co-workers who takes the P508. She said the train was on time today, arriving to South Station around 8:20 a.m.

Commute-a-holic heard that Channel 5 was reporting delays this morning on the Middleborough commuter rail line.

Read the following article in today's Telegram & Gazette. State transportation officials are planning two projects that could ease congestion around Rt. 495. One project, already started, will add a lane to the eastbound and westbound on-ramps from I-495 to the Mass Pike. I know that they're doing this work at night, so if you exit the Pike to 495, you may want to avoid the construction. Commute-a-holic got caught in some traffic there a few weeks ago. This project is slated to be completed by Labor Day.

The state Highway Department is proposing a project that would reconstruct the I-495 interchange and Interstate 290 on the Marlborough-Hudson lines.


AJ said...

Couple things completely unrelated to commutes, but interesting none the less. I work 2 buildings over from the Pru, and during our crazy 2PM thunder/hail storm today I got to see the tower get struck by lightning! I've never seen something get hit before, it was pretty amazing. Then, about an hour later, a building over in the Comm. Ave direction caught fire and we got to watch them put it out. What a crazy day. I really hope the commute home is status quo.

Train Rider said...

I work on the waterfront, in the Seaport district. It was so cool watching the rain/hail come towards us ... you could just see sheets of rain headed our way.

The lightning was amazing too although we didn't see anything get struck.

Good luck on your commute home. I am heading north, so likely will be fighting TONS of traffic.

Michelle said...

Just found your blog through Technotrati, I really enjoy it. I take the Worcester train on a semi-regular basis just going from Framingham to Westborough but for years did a full-force commute of Westbrorough to Boston and Bellingham to Boston too, so I feel the frustrations about T commuting.
I have to say though the "I've been working on the railroad" story is typical of the subtle and sometimes, not-so-subtle humor of the conductors. I think these cattle-herders of the railroad are an interesting group of people doing a job I don't know if I could do. I saw one have to deal with a passenger, who said he didn't have the full fare and barely looked up from his paper while saying it and just shrugged like "Sorry pal, what are you going to do? Throw me off?"
I thought he might have, but he just let him ride and when punching my ticket, rolled his eyes said to me "You'd think a guy in a suit like that would have enough money on him to pay for a ticket".
I'm guessing they have to pick their fights and judge what is worth "getting into" with lame passengers.