Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Survey Says Workers Willing to Telecommute

On the heels of my earlier post regarding the state of mass transit in the US, I wanted to share this article released on Reuters today. Since I've been employed in the high tech industry for over a decade and I'm interested in commuter-related issues, the survey's findings were of interest to me.

More than a third of US technology workers would be willing to accept pay cuts of up to 10% to work from home and avoid commuting costs according to a survey released yesterday by Dice Holdings Inc. About 7% of all technology workers already telecommute, but most of the people currently telecommuting work in a consulting-related job function.

Keep in mind that the average technology professional earns $74,570 a year (according to Dice), so a 10% paycut may not hurt as much for these workers as professionals in other industries.

I'm still interested in seeing if any municipalities or companies here in Massachusetts will offer an extended 1o-hour day schedule instead of a traditional 8-hour workday. I, for one, would love to go to my town hall after traditional hours.

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