Thursday, June 19, 2008

Everyone Loves a Celtics Parade

In case you have been living under a bubble somewhere, the Celtics "Rolling Rally" is today. Hip hip hooray to the Celtics! That was a nice championship victory.

Altering my schedule a bit, I took the P512 this morning. Maybe that was a mistake. It was PACKED with Celtics revelers. Maybe it wasn't a mistake - who knows, my regular P508 may have been packed too.

The conductors gave up collecting passes around Framingham. I'm perturbed by this for a few reasons.
  1. The MBTA needs the revenue.
  2. It is unfair that some people had to pay for their train ride in and others didn't.
  3. The T and the city have been promoting the use of the whole system as an alternative to driving in - why didn't they staff up for this? Could they not staff up? I mean - if you aren't going to collect the much needed fares, don't collect it for the entire ride in.

We got to South Station at 9:06 a.m., a few minutes ahead of schedule. It looks like it will be a fairly nice day for a parade - I hope the forecasted rain stays away until the parade is over.

Thank you Celtics for bringing home another championship to Boston!


Kidney Stones said...

I took the P508 and it wasn't too crowded. A few C's fans here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Arrived at South Station around 8:21 by my watch--I'll take it!

Richard said...

I took the P512 today as well and was surprised that the conducter didn't check my ticket, especially given the MBTA revenue crunch.

Anonymous said...

The 508 was so quiet it was actually early in to south station. I am glad I did not wait for the later train.

Train Rider said...

The lack of ticket collecting is annoying, especially since it seems to be the Natick/Wellesley people who benefit from it the most. I am the 2nd stop, they always check my pass in the morning!

I know there wasn't much space for maneuvering since the aisles were jammed, but there should be a better option on days like today.

AJ said...

Well I guess I was in the wrong car on the P508 this morning. I ride towards the back of the train and there were people standing in our car. It was chuck full of Celtics fans, mostly ├╝ber-loud teenagers. My buddy & I laughed hysterically when they saw the Citgo sign, knew we were by Fenway, but couldn't figure out where the park was! Then, when we pulled into Back Bay, and the announced, "Back Bay, station stop is Back Bay," they thought we were at Yawkey. I deemed it poetic justice.