Thursday, June 26, 2008

When Commuting, Uneventful is Nice

Good day! I'm back to riding the rails again this morning, back on the P508 to be specific.

My train ride was uneventful. The train arrived to Grafton at 7:11 a.m. (two minutes later than the scheduled arrival time) and we were at South Station 1-minute head of the 8:23 a.m. arrival time - 8:22 a.m. to be exact.

While I often look to avoid the common banality in life (through vacations, special occasions, etc.), I will say that a banal commute is nice. Commutes need to be common and plain. When we have something unexpected happen to us during a commute, it isn't usually a good thing.

So I'm hoping my outbound commute home is just as boring . . . and prompt . . . as my inbound commute this morning was.

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AJ said...

I meant to say in my other post that the P523 (506 Back Bay Outbound) has shown up 10 minutes late a couple times in the past 7 days with NO announcements or anything! I don't know why this continues to surprise me. I guess it's my faith that things fix themselves or people do their jobs. What makes these instances even weirder is that they don't even acknowledge the trains existence. There haven't been announcements as to what track it's boarding on, the stops, and definitely nothing about a delay. Usually we get the first announcement telling us what track, then a second reaffirming the track number and listing the stops, and a final boarding call with just the track number. Not these times though. Just silence. I'd love some input here from anyone?