Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Train Car was Packed

I'm on the lookout for a wrapped commuter rail train. I wonder what line got to have the train first? I tried to find some photos, but nothing has been posted yet.

My morning commute was fine. I was on the P508 train. We got to South Station at 8:21 a.m. As the headline says, it was packed on my car.


AJ said...

Our car seemed unusually packed this morning as well. Much more than the normal traffic. While I think more people taking public transportation is a great thing, I hope this isn't a sign of how commutes are going to run all the time now.

Anonymous said...

Morning was uneventful on the P504.

Afternoon was a mess. The P523 express was 15 minutes late arriving and left ten minutes behind schedule. We ended up at Framingham 15 minutes late.

We were ten minutes late yesterday too, no idea why as I luckily managed to doze off for a bit. I was darn peeved when I got off at Framingham though, since if we had been on time I would have been in the car before the torrential downpour.

It's funny, I was thinking maybe to be fair I needed to comment more here when the commute was good and uneventful, but now it seems I won't even have the chance to do that.

Train Rider said...

I was glad to be on the train tonight when the torrential downpours hit. The sky was so dark and I think I heard hail as well ... I dozed off myself.

I know what you mean about wanting to comment when the commute is good ... we were having a nice stretch there for awhile ... now it looks like we might be back to problems. Boo.

I will say that colleagues of mine have been lamenting the Franklin train and how awful it is in terms of on time performance. I really feel for them!

Anonymous said...

Slow going on the Stoughton and Providence lines this evening too.
I usually take the 5:40 to Providence getting off in S. Attleboro, but today I drove to 128so took the 5:45 Stoughton because it stops at 128.

I'm guessing that the reason for the reduced speed is because they're replacing ties on Track 3 so outbound trains are confined to Track 1.

And, yes, standing room only after Back Bay!

bam in ri