Monday, June 16, 2008

Rainy Day Drive to Work

Due to a post-work engagement today, I needed to drive into work. What a bad day to drive.

Traffic this morning on the Mass Pike was awful. It is so frustrating that a backup on Rt. 128 causes the entire Pike to back up as well. Crazy, huh? The backup this morning was in the Natick area.

I guess I wasn't the only one suffering a lousy commute today. Richard submitted a comment today. It sounds like he took my regular train in, the P508. Not only was the train late arriving into Union Station in Worcester - without any announcements regarding the delay - but it was late in its arrival to South Station. For the folks who get on at some of the earlier stops, their commute was a 2 hour ordeal. Yikes!!!

I also hope the nice commutes we have had over the last few months weren't some sort of mean tease.


AJ said...

I can hear the trains from my house, and this morning I noticed that the one that rolls through about 640ish, didn't come in until about 650-655. I knew that there was no way our train would be on time because we'd end up passing that one. When I got to the station the ticker said due to CSX shipping problems, all trains were delayed going to Boston until further notice and stay tuned. After about 5 minutes it changed to read the P508 had been delayed 20-25 minutes. It pulled into Grafton 20 minutes later, but I was still sleeping when I got off and didn't look to see how late we were overall.

I'm beginning to think that all the smooth commutes were a tease. We've had a spotty few weeks. I thought it was too good to be true!

DJHeini said...

I was on the P502 this morning (about 5:57 out of Grafton), and what happened was that P500, the first train of the day out of Framingham, broke down even before it could leave Framingham, so P502 was tapped to convert from an express to a local. By Natick my car was full to capacity, but we still ended up making every stop on the way to Boston. The P502 ended up being 26 minutes late into Back Bay according to the new clocks on the platform, so it unfortunately wasn't enough for an on-time claim.

My guess is that the other problems were just domino effects from the early morning breakdown.

Anonymous said...

As usual, there were no announcements associated with the delay of the P502 at Framingham on Monday morning, which culminated with us traveling backwards (towards Worcester) long enough to freak out the passengers on my car. The red signs weren't much help either.

The P523 express home sat in South Station a good 15 minutes with no announcements before it left, got home about 20 minutes late. Glad I wasn't waiting at Back Bay!