Wednesday, June 18, 2008


There were some tired folks on the p508 this morning, me included. But man, was it worth it. Wow, what a game last night. And how lucky are we Boston area sports fans to be able to bask in yet another championship! I remember the last Celtic championship in 1986 and last night’s victory has been a long time coming.

I had the fortune to meet Paul Pierce a few years ago, as my firm participated in his celebrity softball tournament. He was very nice and down to earth for someone who had the weight of the franchise on his back. I’m so happy for him that he was able to win a Championship … and gain the Series MVP title as well. Congrats!

While the riders of the p508 were tired, the train itself chugged along to Boston on time and we arrived to South Station at 8:19 AM.

I have some random commuter rail musings, probably influenced by sleep deprivation, but that’s okay:

1.) Apparently when it rains heavily (like it did on Monday evening) and the commuter rail cars sit outside at night, the rain pools and then gets trapped in the roofs of some of the older cars. Yesterday on the p508, the trapped water was leaking through the light fixture onto the seats and floors below. Since I usually sit in the upper level, it was very noticeable. I can't say whether it happens on the lower level (but I would imagine not). Nothing like getting dripped on inside a train car. Thanks MBTA, I already took a shower when I got up this morning.

2.) Why must people use the seat as leverage to hoist themselves up? I mean, generally needing leverage is fine. But more often than not, people grab the seat and shake it back and forth as they try to get up. And conversely, when people sit down, why do they (for all intents and purposes) throw themselves into the seats?

Either of these maneuverings causes commuters who are already seated to either: spill their morning beverage, pitch forward/backwards/sideways in some strangely contorted angle, lose their place in the book/paper/magazine they were reading or be awakened from a nap due to the sheer force of the jolt.

(You know, this happens on planes as well which is actually worse. At least on the commuter rail you’re either in a 2 or 3-seater, whereas on the plane, it’s just your own seat and the jostling is so much more pronounced.)

3.) I’m just going to mention this once and then never again because even the thought of it makes me shudder. Do. Not. Clip. Your. Nails. On. The. Commuter. Rail. EVER. It’s unsanitary, it’s gross and if I have to hear the clip, clip, clip sound one more time … well, let’s just say the MBTA police are going to have to pull me off of you ...

Anyhoo, Train Stoppers, bask in the Celtics glory, root for those Sox and enjoy those commutes.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I absolutely agree about the public hygiene issue. Seriously - don't comb your hair, don't put on your make up, make sure you blow your nose, and try not to eat with your mouth open. I guess a lot of commuters might need etiquette lessons.

Thrilled for the Celitcs win! I do have a small twinge that the Patriots couldn't deliver in this Super Bowl. It could have been a super perfect sports year in Boston. But we can't complain. Ever. Now if the Bruins could just bring home another Stanley Cup, all would be perfect in the sports world here in the Hub.

Love your blog.

AJ said...

Oh. My. God. I'm coming to the conclusion that we sit in the same car, except I always sit in the lower level. I had an upset stomach yesterday, usually the case when I'v stayed up way too late the night before. The sound of the person clipping their nails was making me physically nauseous. I was about to find myself a bathroom when they finally stopped. I disagree with the above comment about not doing make up or combing hair. I think those are innocent enough, but I guess it's hard to draw a definitive line. While I think that's ok, but nail clipping and chewing with an open mouth are unacceptable, I'm sure there are people who disagree. It's not like you can rely on people to do what they feel is right because obviously these people have no shame in what they're doing.

Train Rider said...

I don't even like clipping my nails at home. I can't even imagine doing it on public transportation.